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Installation and Initial Setup.



Project Browser can except arguments at install time. The format of them is:

  • Silent Install - "/qn ALLUSERS=1"

Running Project Browser for the first time

General Use.

All Views Tab

The "All Views" tab replicates the layout of the builtin Revit Project Browser. From within this tab you will find all views, schedules, legends, families groups and links.


Favorites Tab

The "Favorites Tab" is a user specific tab for storing most commonly used views in the current project. The views that are placed on this tab are only visible to the user that has placed them there. Each user in a project can have as many views as they like assigned to the Favorites tab.


Add view to Favorites Tab"

  • From the "All Views" Tab right mouse click on the view you want added, and then select "Add View to Favorites"



  • Multiple select views by holding down the shift key and then Drag/Drop onto the "Favorites Tab"


Remove views from Favorites Tab"

Right mouse click on Favorites Tab and select "Clear Favorites."


Open Views button/Tab

The open views button/counter shows the count of views open in the current project. By clicking on the view counter a new tab will be built showing only the open views.


Settings button

Click on the "Setting" Button will open the Project Browser Settings dialog.

From within this dialog you can modify the Text Font size, color and style of the Project Browser along with the background color and also the View Preview Setting.


Browser Organization button

Clicking on the Browser Organization button will open the builtin "Browser Organization" dialog found in Revit. Any changes made within this dialog will be replicated in the Project Browser palette.

NOTE: This command will not run if you are in a 3D perspective view.


Quick Filter selector

By selecting the "Quick Filter Selector" drop-down you can filter the current tab views by predefined filters. These filters include:

  • Show All
  • Discipline
  • Phase
  • Views on Sheets/Not on Sheets
  • Templates


Search Bar

Customize Project Browser.

Change text font and color

Change PB background color

Add Project Wide tabs

Add User tabs

Add folder structure to Schedules & Legends