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Kiwicodes Project Browser is the world’s first completely integrated replacement for Revit 2015-2016 built in project browser.

There are many significant project saving features achieved by the efficiency gained using Kiwi Codes Project Browser.

NOTE: This version of Project Browser is a total rewrite of code from the Revit 2013/2014 version which includes many enhancements available in the Revit 2015 and above API along with being a lot faster and more stable.

For orders over 100 please contact us for a quote.

Some of the features include:

  • Fully integrated into the Revit UI as a dockable Palette, which can be floating, docked or tabbed just like the out of the box PB.
  • Full replacement of functions for the existing Project Browser
  • Fully user customizable tabs that does minimize the amount of scrolling needed to find views. These tabs can be created and shared with other team members or personal tabs setup just for your own work views.
  • All tab layouts etc can be pre configured into your own template projects so they are automatically created when creating a new project.
  • Favorites tab for commonly used easy access to views. This tab is per user, ie other users cannot see your favorite views.
  • Open views tab to easily switch between all open views.
  • Totally customizable fonts, sizes and colors for views makes finding views easy.
  • Folder structure layout now complies with your builtin browser organization settings.
  • Custom folder structure now available for Schedule and Legend views.
  • Quick Filters to filter the Project Browser by common view parameters, phases and view templates.
  • Powerful and fast search feature to find any View in the Project quickly.
  • View preview dialog for quick preview of view before opening. This can be set for mouse hover or middle mouse button click.