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Family Browser r2 is a total rewrite of code from the original Family Browser. There are many enhancements that have been made.

  • New UI to be compatible with HD monitors.
  • New Family Manager to add/edit/remove Groups Tabs and Families.
  • New User Manager to easily assign permissions to users and assign them to collections.
  • New Search Manager to easily keep families up to date in the search data base.
  • New data base structure that now holds all the Family Information along with group and tab structure and also users Settings.
  • New search engine to easily find required families. Searches now span RFA, System families and Drafting views.
  • New Search Filters to quickly narrow down the search results.
  • Updated installers to easily and quickly deploy & update Family Browser to a large number of users.
  • Updated Floating License scheme. - A floating license is now only taken when the Family Browser pallet is shown.

Any many more enhancements.