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Is Family Browser r2 compatible with the previous version?

Family Browser r2 can be installed side by side with your previous installation and it will not effect it at all. Fb r2 will have to be setup as all the information is now stored in one single database file instead of txt files as before. You can import an existing FB setup into FBr2 from the Family manager.

I have a current subscription to Family Browser. Do I have re purchase for Family Browser r2?

No. Family Browser R2 will pick up your current activation key and use that.

What is the difference between Family Browser Standard and Pro?

Family Browser Pro has all the functions of Family Browser Standard but adds:

  • the ability to add System Families.
  • the ability to add Drafting Views.

A Family Browser Standard user will still be able to add System Families and Drafting views to the Family Browser UI, through Family Manager but they will be disabled in the Palette shown in Revit.

Is it a separate download for Family Browser Standard and Pro?

No. Your activation key will unlock/lock the pro features.