87 3D Room Tags

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Welcome to this demonstration on Bonus Tools – 87 3D Room Tags. This tool allows you to place a Generic Model Family with Room information to create a 3D Room Tag.

  1. To run the tool, navigate to the Bonus Tools Tab and select 3D Room Tags.
  2. Power

    87 3D Room Tags

  3. The 3D Room Tags dialog will appear.
  4. 87 3D Room Tags

  5. Choose the selection set: Current View, Current Selection or Entire Project to filter the Text selection.
  6. 87 3D Room Tags

  7. Choose between Rooms, Areas or Spaces.
  8. 87 3D Room Tags

  9. Choose the Generic Model Family
  10. 87 3D Room Tags

    Note: There must be at least one instance of the Generic Model modelled within the Project to gain access to it Parameters.

    87 3D Room Tags

  11. Click Add to add a Row.
  12. You add Rows and matrix Parameters from Rooms to Generic Models

    87 3D Room Tags

    87 3D Room Tags

  13. Select a Parameter from the Room Column.
  14. 87 3D Room Tags

  15. Select a Parameter from the Generic Model Column.
  16. 87 3D Room Tags

  17. Add as many Rows as you want.
  18. 87 3D Room Tags

  19. You select the Rows (Parameters) and click the Delete or Updated Selected button.
    1. To select the Rows you can either; tick the check boxes individually or highlight the rows using standard mouse drag and control key operations and click Select Selected button.
    2. Note: the Total selected is updating.

    3. or click Select All button to select all Rows in the grid
    4. or click Select None button to deselect all Rows.
    5. Note: You must at the very least select the Row with Element Id. The Tool uses this next time you run the Tool to match already placed Generic Models 3D tags with Rooms, and move already placed Tags into position (if the Room has moved) or update Parameters (if they have changed). If it cannot find a match, it will create a new Generic Model instance..

      87 3D Room Tags

  20. Click Update Selected.
  21. 87 3D Room Tags

  22. Two dialogs will appear, one with the overall results and another with a break-down.
  23. 87 3D Room Tags

  24. Click Close to view the Results.
  25. 87 3D Room Tags

Note: Next time you run the Tool, it will remember your Added rows. Thank you for viewing this demonstration on Bonus Tools - 3D Room Tags.