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Welcome to this demonstration on Bonus Tools – 76 Element Tracker. This tool allows you to communicate to Consultants any changes within a week.

  1. To run the tool, navigate to the Bonus Tools Tab and select Ribbon Settings.
  2. 06 Ribbon Settings

  3. The Ribbon Settings dialog box will appear.
  4. 76 Element Tracker 00

  5. Select Element Tracker
  6. 76 Element Tracker 00

  7. Select how you would like to Track Elements. I.e. by day, or Last Modified Date, or by User, or all.
  8. 76 Element Tracker 00

  9. The foreach selection, select a Parameter to record the modification time against.
  10. 76 Element Tracker 00

    76 Element Tracker 00

    Note: the Parameters can be Project or Shared Parameters, and must be of type Text. You Choose the Categories to track against. It is advisable not to track Views, Sheets and Project Information within a Worksetted Project due to the synchronisation process.

    76 Element Tracker 00

  11. If “Add parameter per user” is selected then a Parameter for each user who opens the file is created. The Parameter is named as per the users’ login name. The selected Categories are either copied from the “Last Modified Date” Parameter if selected or all Categories except Views, Sheets and Project Information.
  12. Now when an Element is Modified the Parameters will be populated.
  13. 76 Element Tracker 00

  14. If an Element is Added then the text Added will be inserted to the Day Parameters.
  15. 76 Element Tracker 00

Thank you for viewing this demonstration on Bonus Tools - Element Tracker.