63 Element overrides

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Welcome to this demonstration on Bonus Tools – 63 Element overrides. This tool allows you to view and remove Element overrides in a View.

  1. To run the tool, navigate to the Bonus Tools Tab and select Element overrides.
  2. Lists

    63 Element overrides

  3. The Element overrides dialog will appear.
  4. 63 Element overrides

    Note: The dialog when opened will display all the Element Overrides in the View in the grid; at the bottom right is the total Element Overrides count in the grid. Within grid you can see the Id, Name, Category, Halftone, Projection Lines Weight, Projection Line Colour, Project Lines Pattern, Surface Pattern Visible, Surface Pattern Colour, Projection Pattern Pattern, Projection Pattern Transparency, Cut Line Weight, Cut Line Colour, Cut Line Pattern, Cut Pattern Visible, Cut Pattern Colour, Cut Pattern Pattern, and Select. You can sort the grid by clicking any column header.

  5. At the top choose the selection set: Current View or Current Selection to filter the Element Overrides selection.
  6. 63 Element overrides

  7. You select the Element Overrides you would like to view and click the Go to View button:
    1. To select the Element Overrides you select rows.
  8. Click Go to View button, the Revit will change and highlight the selected Elements.
  9. 63 Element overrides

  10. You can Clear all Overrides by:
    1. Clicking the Clear All Overrides button.
    2. 63 Element overrides

    3. You will receive a dialog confirming the number of successful deletions.
    4. 63 Element overrides

  11. Or you can individual overrides by:
    1. Tick the check boxes with red backgrounds individually.
    2. or highlight the cells using standard mouse drag and control key operations and click Select Selected.
    3. 63 Element overrides

    4. Click Clear Selected Overrides to commit the changes made.
    5. 63 Element overrides

    6. You will receive a dialog confirming the number of successful deletions.
    7. 63 Element overrides

      Note: the background is no longer red.

      63 Element overrides

  12. Element Overrides List also allow you to Export the Grid to a CSV file for further exploration within excel.
  13. Export to Excel

Thank you for viewing this demonstration on Bonus Tools - Element overrides.