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Ever had problems with tags disassociating with a linked file because the link was not reloaded by other before they synchronised? Bonus Tools has a tool that might help. This is a hidden tool.

If you added a Project Parameter called "Sheets File" to your Project Information of type yes/no and tick it, each time you synchronise you will be ask, have you reloaded linked files first, if you answer no, the synchronise process will be cancelled.


Welcome to this demonstration on Bonus Tools – 61 Sheets File. This feature enables a pop up dialog box before users synchronise asking if they have reloaded linked Revit files before synchronising to reduce tags and dimensions from losing their link.

  1. To enable the tool, navigate to the Revit Settings Tab and select Project Parameters.
  2. 61 Sheets File

  3. Click Add to add a new Parameter.
  4. 61 Sheets File

  5. Set:
    1. Name to: Sheets File
    2. Type of Parameter to: Yes/No.
    3. Type/Instance to: Instance.
    4. Select Project Information.
    5. 61 Sheets File

  6. Click Ok and Ok.
  7. 61 Sheets File

  8. Then navigate to the Revit Settings Tab and select Project Information.
  9. 61 Sheets File

  10. Tick the newly added Parameter Sheets File.
  11. 61 Sheets File

  12. Next time the File is Synchronised, you will be prompted “File xyz.rtv” contains: X Linked Revit Files. Have you reloaded the Revit Linked Files before Synchronizing with Central? Continue with Synchronization?
  13. 61 Sheets File

  14. If you click No, synchronisation will be cancelled.

Thank you for viewing this demonstration on Bonus Tools - Sheets File.