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Welcome to this demonstration on Bonus Tools – Clash Importer.

Clash Importer, convert an XML report into clash points and 3D views placed on sheet(s).

  1. To run the tool first you must have completed a Navisworks clash or Solibri or the likes and exported the Results and an XML file with at least the X,Y,Z coordinates.
  2. Then navigate to the Bonus Tools Tab and select Clash Importer.
  3. 59 Clash Importer

    59 Clash Importer

  4. The Clash Importer dialog will appear.
  5. 59 Clash Importer

  6. Title Block Information
  7. 59 Clash Importer

    1. Within the first tab you choose:
      1. Whether you want to create a 3D cropped View for each clash:
        1. With or without a Tag.
        2. Placed on s Sheet.
        3. Whether you want the Section Box visible or hidden.
        4. Note: Creating Views and Sheets for a large clash set can take a long time.

    2. If you choose to create Sheet(s), you can then specify:
      1. The Titleblock.
      2. And the Margins.
      3. And spacing's between each View on the Sheet.
  8. Clash Point Information.
  9. 59 Clash Importer

    1. Select the Coordinate system, Project Internal or Shared.
    2. 59 Clash Importer

    3. Select a Generic Family Tag by Clicking on the button at the end of the Input file text box. (this is optional)
    4. 59 Clash Importer

    5. Navigate to and select a Generic Family Tag.
    6. 59 Clash Importer

    7. Select a Generic Family by Clicking on the button at the end of the Input file text box. (required)
    8. 59 Clash Importer

    9. Navigate to and select a Generic Family.
    10. 59 Clash Importer

    11. Select a Clash XML file by Clicking on the button at the end of the Input file text box. (required)
    12. 59 Clash Importer

    13. Navigate to and select an XML file.
    14. 59 Clash Importer

    15. Once selected and XML Parser dialog will show. From this dialog you select the X, Y, Z columns, the Clash Id column and assign Revit parameters to columns.
    16. 59 Clash Importer

      Note: Each row is unique. You group rows into clashes to load clash points into Revit.

    17. Select the X, Y, Z columns and the Clash Id column.
    18. The X, Y, Z columns are used to place the clash points. The Clash Id column is used to group the rows into Clashes.

      59 Clash Importer

      1. The XML Parser will only allow you to select columns that contain doubles for the X,Y,Z coordinate.
      2. 59 Clash Importer

        Note: If the same column is select for X, Y and Z then you will be warning this may cause inaccurate results.

      3. Select a Clash Id column.
      4. 59 Clash Importer

    19. From the Grid
    20. Hide/Unhide columns Assign Revit Parameters to Columns

      1. To hide unwanted columns, select the columns.
      2. 59 Clash Importer

      3. Right click and select Hide Column
      4. 59 Clash Importer

      5. Hide all unwanted columns (optional)
      6. 59 Clash Importer

        Note: The options to select X, Y, Z and Clash Id columns will update. Only Hide unwanted columns.

        59 Clash Importer

      7. Assign Revit parameters to Columns by selecting the parameter from the first row in each Column. (optional)
      8. 59 Clash Importer

      9. Once selections are made, click Ok.
      10. 59 Clash Importer

    21. Navigate to and select a Generic Family.
    22. You will return to the Clash Import dialog.
    23. 59 Clash Importer

    24. Check all selections and Click Ok
  10. A dialog will appear confirming for Clashes are placed and parameters are added and the Sheet information if a Sheet was created.
  11. 59 Clash Importer

  12. When complete you can close the dialogs and view the newly created 3D Views and Sheets.
  13. 59 Clash Importer

  14. If you go to a newly created view and select a Clash Point you will notice the Shared Parameters are filled out with the Clash Name, Result Status, Position, Element 1 Id and Element 2 Id.
  15. 59 Clash Importer

Thank you for viewing this demonstration on Bonus Tools – Clash Importer.