49 Room/Area Point

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Welcome to this demonstration on Bonus Tools – Room/Area Point.

This tool allows you to Centre the Room/Area location points.

This Tool is available for Revit 2014 and newer versions of Revit.

  1. To run the tool, navigate to the Bonus Tools Tab and select Room/Area Point.
  2. Time Saving

    49 RoomArea Point

  3. The Room/Area Point dialog will appear.
  4. 49 RoomArea Point

  5. Choose the selection set: Current View, Current Selection or Entire Project to filter the Text selection.
  6. 49 RoomArea Point

  7. Choose between Rooms, Areas or Spaces.
  8. 49 RoomArea Point

  9. Click Ok.
  10. A confirmation dialog will show displaying the number.
    • Areas that passed and failed.
    • Rooms that passed and failed.
    • Spaces that passed and failed.

    49 RoomArea Point

    Note: The one Room failed because the centroid is not within the Room boundary. No change was made.

Thank you for viewing this demonstration on Bonus Tools – Room/Area Point.