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Welcome to this demonstration on Bonus Tools – SheetEMup.

This tool allows you to Duplicate a sheet and select the views.

This Tool is available for Revit 2013 and newer versions of Revit.

  1. To run the tool, navigate to the Bonus Tools Tab and select SheetEMup
  2. Sheet and View Manipulation

    44 SheetEMup

  3. The Room SheetEMup dialog will appear.
  4. 44 SheetEMup

    Note: The dialog when opened will display all the current Sheets in a list on the left hand side, all Views on the right (those in red are already on a Sheet), and in the middle new Sheets.

  5. Choose a Sheet to use as a template layout:
    1. Enter the number of new Sheets you would like to create.
    2. 44 SheetEMup

    3. Notice the number of new Sheets in the middle update.
    4. 44 SheetEMup

    5. Select the Sheet you would like to Duplicate by:
      1. Search for the Sheet Number and/or Name.
      2. 44 SheetEMup

      3. Select the Sheet. The middle will update to suite the number Views on the selected Sheet.
      4. Expand the Sheet on the left to see which Views are on this Sheet.

        44 SheetEMup

      5. At any point you can Collapse All or Expand All.
      6. 44 SheetEMup

  6. Elect to Duplicate, place Views, or do nothing.
    1. Duplicate:
      1. By Default the Views on the template Sheet will be duplicated.
      2. 44 SheetEMup

    2. Place Views:
    3. Placing Views is as simple as dragging view from the Right to the desired new Sheet.

      1. You can filter the Views by selecting the View Type.
      2. 44 SheetEMup

      3. And enter a word in the Search box to refine your search.
      4. 44 SheetEMup

      5. Before dragging Views to the desired Sheet, select the View base point from the bottom middle:
        1. BR = Bottom Left
        2. BR = Bottom Right
        3. M = Middle
        4. TL = Top Left
        5. TR = Top Right
        6. 44 SheetEMup

        Note: The base point can vary from View to View. The background colours in the new Sheet grid will correspond to the selected base point.

      6. Drag the View from the Right to the desired new Sheet and View.
      7. 44 SheetEMup


        • The background colour of the cell corresponds to the base View point.
        • If you drag a View from the right that is Red to a new Sheet, then that View will be duplicated as it already is on a Sheet.

        44 SheetEMup

      8. To quickly place Legends or Schedules on multiple Sheets:
        1. Highlight the Views in the middle new Sheets grid.
        2. 44 SheetEMup

        3. Right click on the Schedule and select Add view to select Sheets
        4. 44 SheetEMup

        5. The Legend or Schedule will be added.
        6. 44 SheetEMup

        7. Do Nothing:
      9. Select and drag the None View from the Right to the desired new Sheet and View.
  7. Click Ok.
  8. A Change Parameter dialog will show. This dialog allows you to choose a Titleblock and/or make changes to any or all parameter found on the Sheets quickly.
  9. 44 SheetEMup

    1. Choose a desired Titleblock.
    2. 44 SheetEMup

    3. Renumber Sheets by highlighting the Sheets.
    4. 44 SheetEMup

    5. Right click and select Rename Selected.
    6. 44 SheetEMup

    7. Enter:
      1. A Start Character.
      2. Increment value.
      3. Prefix.
      4. Suffix.
      5. 44 SheetEMup

    8. Click Ok.
    9. 44 SheetEMup

      Note: You can compare the Existing with the new.

    10. Modify all other Parameters by highlighting the cells.
    11. 44 SheetEMup

    12. Right click and select Rename Selected.
    13. 44 SheetEMup

    14. Enter a new Value and Click Ok.
    15. 44 SheetEMup

    16. Once complete, click Ok to the Change Parameters dialog.
    17. 44 SheetEMup

  10. Once completed you will be prompted with a confirmation.
  11. And an output showing the updates to the Sheet Parameters.
  12. 44 SheetEMup

  13. View the Project Browser to confirm the new Sheets and Views.
  14. 44 SheetEMup

  15. Inspect a Sheet, noting the View placement and Sheet Parameters.
  16. 44 SheetEMup

Thank you for viewing this demonstration on Bonus Tools – SheetEMup.