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Welcome to this demonstration on Bonus Tools - View Filters

View Filters allows you to copy Filters and their settings from one View to multiple other Views, including View Templates. This is fast time saving tool that could be effectively used with View Templates. It can be very time consuming recreating Filters across Views or View Templates even when you have a highly developed Project Template.

This Tool is available for Revit 2014 and newer versions of Revit.

  1. To run the tool, navigate to the Bonus Tools Tab and select View Filters.
  2. Sheet and View Manipulation

    35 View Filters

  3. The View Filters dialog will appear.
  4. 35 View Filters

    Note: The dialog when opened will displays filters on the left hand side and all Views and View Templates with their associated Filters on the right and side.

  5. Searching for Filters already associated to Views as a template.
    1. You can filter the Views by selecting the View Type.
    2. 35 View Filters

    3. Further refine the search choosing Include View Templates or Include Views.
    4. 35 View Filters

    5. And enter a word in the Search box to refine your search.
    6. 35 View Filters

      Note: This search switches the Views

    7. Select a View from the Views List.
    8. 35 View Filters

  6. There are 2 operations you, add and remove.
  7. To add Views to Filters simply select one or many Filters from the left hand side and drag them to the desired View.
  8. 35 View Filters

    Note: The existing Filters associated to a View are in grey and new Filters to be added to the View are in green.

  9. To remove existing or newly placed Filters select then one at a time and drag them to the left, you will be prompt with a confirmation dialog.
  10. 35 View Filters

  11. Click Ok.
  12. 35 View Filters

    Note: Any exiting Filters removed from a View are in red.

  13. At any point you can Collapse All or Expand All.
  14. 35 View Filters

  15. Once you click Ok the changes will be committed, if you click cancel then the project will be unchanged.
  16. Once completed a confirmation dialog will appear displaying the number of Filters added & removed from View(s).
  17. 35 View Filters

  18. If you look at the Visibility Graphics of a modified View you will notice it will now contain the added Filters.
  19. 35 View Filters

Thank you for viewing this demonstration on Bonus Tools - View Filters.

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