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Welcome to this demonstration on Bonus Tools - Navisworks to Revit.

Navisworks to Revit allows you to convert a Navisworks XML report into clash points and 3D views placed on sheets within Revit for easy evaluation.

  1. To run the tool first you must have completed a Navisworks clash and exported the Results and an XML file with at least the X,Y,Z coordinates, the Element ID's, the Clash Name, Assigned to and Result Status.
  2. Then navigate to the Bonus Tools Tab and select Navisworks to Revit.
  3. Power

    32 Navisworks to Revit

  4. The Navisworks to Revit dialog will appear.
  5. A dialog box will appear with 3 tabs, the first relating to View and Sheet information, the second relating Revit families and the third relating to Shared Parameters.
  6. 32 Navisworks to Revit

  7. Title Block Information Tab.
    1. Within the first tab you choose:
      1. Whether you want to create a 3D cropped View for each clash:
        1. With or without a Tag.
        2. Placed on s Sheet.
      2. Whether you want the Section Box visible or hidden.
      3. Note: Creating Views and Sheets for a large clash set can take a long time.

    2. If you choose to create Sheet(s), you can then specify:
      1. The Titleblock.
      2. And the Margins.
      3. And spacing's between each View on the Sheet.
  8. Files Tab.
  9. 32 Navisworks to Revit

    1. The second tab is where you browse for and specify:
      1. The clash XML file.
      2. The Coordinate system, Project Internal or Shared.
      3. 32 Navisworks to Revit

      4. The Generic Family.
      5. The Tag.
  10. Shared Parameters Tab.
  11. 32 Navisworks to Revit

    1. One the Shared Parameters tab, you will see some default Shared Parameter GUIDs that the tool will use to push information into. You can modify these to point to your own Company specific Shared Parameters if you wish.
    2. Note: At any point you can select the Reset Settings button to reset the GUIDs and Generic Family Path.

  12. With all the data entered you can hit Ok.
  13. A dialog will appear confirming the Shared Parameter GUIDs that were used, the Clash Name, Result Status, Position, Element 1 Id and Element 2 Id for each Clash found in the XML file followed by the total Clashes and they the Sheet information if Sheet were created.
  14. 32 Navisworks to Revit

  15. When complete you can close the dialogs and view the newly created 3D Views and Sheets.
  16. 32 Navisworks to Revit

  17. If you go to a newly created view and select a Clash Point you will notice the Shared Parameters are filled out with the Clash Name, Result Status, Position, Element 1 Id and Element 2 Id.
  18. 32 Navisworks to Revit

Thank you for viewing this demonstration on Bonus Tools - Navisworks to Revit.

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