27 Update Referencing Sheets

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Welcome to this demonstration on Bonus Tools - Update Referencing Sheets.

Update Referencing Sheets allows you to update Sections Referencing Sheets. Note: you must be in a Section or Elevation view before activating this command. Sometimes a Section or Elevations will reference an incorrect sheet, even when the callout is hidden on all other sheets. One possible way to fix this and get the View to Reference the correct view is to switch the discipline from its current to another and back. This tool just automats that process, and if hook it up to a short cut key then a few key strokes are removed.

  1. To run the tool first open a Section or Elevation view.
  2. 27 Update Referencing Sheets

  3. Then navigate to the Bonus Tools Tab and select Update Referencing Sheets.
  4. Time Saving

    27 Update Referencing Sheets

  5. A dialog box will appear confirming the operation has been run.
  6. 27 Update Referencing Sheets

Thank you for viewing this demonstration on Bonus Tools - Update Referencing Sheets.

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