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Welcome to this demonstration on Bonus Tools - Views to Sheet.

Views to Sheet allows you to quickly place Views on Sheets in bulk by dragging Views to their desired Sheet. Note: The Views are placed using the same origin.

  1. To run the tool navigate to the Bonus Tools Tab and select Views to Sheet.
  2. Sheet and View Manipulation

    53_Views to Sheets

  3. The Views to Sheets dialog will appear.
  4. 53_Views to Sheets

  5. The dialog when opened will display all Views not on Sheets in a list on the left hand side and all Sheets with their Views on the right and side.
  6. Note: Only Views that can be placed on Sheets will be displayed on the left.

  7. Searching for Views
    1. You can filter the Views by selecting the View Type
    2. 53_Views to Sheets

    3. And enter a word in the Search box to refine your search
    4. 53_Views to Sheets

  8. Select a template location.
  9. Views to Sheets allow you to use Views placed on another Sheet as a template.

    1. First select the Sheet
    2. 53_Views to Sheets

    3. Then select the View
    4. 53_Views to Sheets

    The above selection will now be used as a location point.

  10. Choose the Base Point
    1. Choose a Base Point for the placement of the view, i.e. Bottom Left, Bottom Right, Middle, Top Left or Top Right.
    2. 53_Views to Sheets

    Note: This is the relative to the Views out most point. This feature works best when Views are the same size, using Scope Boxes, however if text lies outside the Scope Box then is will distort the Base Point.

  11. To add a Views to a Sheet simply select one or many Views on the left hand side and drag them to the desired Sheet.
  12. 53_Views to Sheets


    • Existing Views on Sheets are grey and new Views to Sheets are green.
    • Level 1 Copy 1 no longer exists on the left hand side as it is now on a Sheet.
  13. To remove existing or newly placed Views select one at a time and drag them to the left, you will be prompt with a confirmation dialog.
  14. 53_Views to Sheets

    Note: Any existing Views removed from a Sheet are in red.

    53_Views to Sheets

  15. Bulk adding Schedules or Legends to Sheets
    1. To bulk add Schedules or Legends to Sheets
    2. Select the Sheets
    3. 53_Views to Sheets

    4. Search and select the template Sheet and View
    5. 53_Views to Sheets

    6. Right click on the View and select Add view to selected Sheets.
    7. 53_Views to Sheets

    8. See the Views added to the selected Sheets.
    9. 53_Views to Sheets

  16. At any point you can Collapse All or Expand All.
  17. 53_Views to Sheets

  18. Once you click Ok the changes will be committed, if you click cancel then the Project will be unchanged.
  19. Once completed you will be prompted with a confirmation with the number of Views added to Sheets.
  20. 53_Views to Sheets

  21. If you look within the Project Browser at the Sheets you will notice the changes.
  22. 53_Views to Sheets

  23. If you compare the newly place Views on a Sheet against the template Sheet and View you will see they are correctly positioned.
  24. 53_Views to Sheets

    Note: The Viewport Title will be match in Type, but not location. This is a limitation of the current API.

    Thank you for viewing this demonstration on Bonus Tools - Views to Sheet.

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