15 Elements on Levels

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Welcome to this demonstration on Bonus Tools - Elements on Level.

Elements on Level lists all Elements on a selected Level. Use this tool to Cycle through the Levels in the Project to see what Elements are hosted to it before performing a deletion.

  1. To run the tool navigate to the Bonus Tools Tab and select Elements on Level.
  2. Lists

    15 Elements on Levels

  3. The Elements on Level dialog box will appear.
  4. 15 Elements on Levels

    Note: The dialog when opened will display no Elements in the grid until a Level is selected, this is to speed up open time of the dialog. At the bottom right is the total Elements count in the grid. Within grid you can see the element ID, the Element Name, the Category, Phase Created and Phase Demolished and Select. You can sort the grid by clicking any column header.

  5. You can change what is shown in the grid by changing the From Level. Located at the top right hand corner.
  6. 15 Elements on Levels

    15 Elements on Levels

  7. You select the Elements you would like to view or delete and click the Go to View or Delete Selected button.:
    1. To select the Elements you can either; tick the check boxes individually or highlight the rows using standard mouse drag and control key operations and click Select Selected button.
    2. Note: the Total selected is updating.

    3. or click Select All button to select all Elements in the grid
    4. or click Select None button to deselect all Elements.
  8. If you click the Go to View button, you may see the standard There is no open view...
  9. 15 Elements on Levels

  10. Click Ok, the Revit View will change and highlight the selected Elements.
  11. 15 Elements on Levels

  12. If you click Delete Selected button you are prompted asking if you are sure you want to delete the selected items.
  13. 15 Elements on Levels

  14. If yes is selected then a confirmation dialog will show displaying the number of Elements that were deleted, and an output dialog will show also confirming the deletions
  15. 15 Elements on Levels

    Note: This dialog can be exported to RFT for further analysis

  16. You can also click the Select all and go to Revit button to quickly select everything on the desired Level and go to Revit closing this dialog.
  17. 15 Elements on Levels

    15 Elements on Levels

  18. Elements on Level also allow you to Export the Grid to a CSV file for further exploration within excel.
  19. 15 Elements on Levels

Thank you for viewing this demonstration on Bonus Tools - Elements on Level.

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