146 Keynote Usage

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Welcome to this demonstration on Bonus Tools – 146 Keynote Usage.

This tool allows you to View Keynote Usage.

  1. Find 146 Keynote Usage on a Bonus Tools Tab and select it to run.
  2. The dialog will appear.
  3. At the top the found Keynote file will be displayed.
  4. The top grid will show all Keynotes in use, displaying:
    • The Keynote Key
    • The Keynote Text if the value is found in the Keynote file.
    • The Keynote Parent if applicable.
    • The number of Attached Elements, i.e. the instances.
  1. Filter the Keynote Types, i.e. view only User Keynotes.
  2. Select Reset Filters to reset any column filters.
  3. Select a Keynote in the top grid, and the bottom grid will show all instances, displaying:
    • The Element Id.
    • The Source, either: Material Loadable Family Instance, Loadable Family Type, System Family Type, Keynote Tag.
    • The Family Type.
    • Family Instance.
  1. Select Instances you would like to view and click the Go to View button:
  2. To select the Instances you can either; tick the check boxes individually or highlight the rows using standard mouse drag and control key operations and click Select Selected button.
    • or click Select All button to select all Instances in the grid
    • or click Select None button to deselect all Instances.

    Note: Both grids can be exported to CSV or Excel file.

146 Keynote Usage

Thank you for viewing this demonstration on Bonus Tools - 146 Keynote Usage.