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Family Browser is a dynamic interface; to control, store and locate office families. Family Browser stays up to date with any changes made in windows explorer. Ideal for any small or large practice no matter what flavor of Autodesk’s Revit you use. All families can be controlled from a central location allowing a BIM Manager to instantly make changes, adding groups, tabs or families.

For orders over 100 please contact us for a quote.

Increase efficiency

Easy to use

Drag n Drop families to load/insert

See what you are about to load

No more loading families via "Load Family" and searching through numerous folders within windows explorer and loading a project with multiple unwanted types.

Search you family library with instant feedback

Movable/collapsible browser always open and accessible

Icon creator

Silent deployment options to firm wide user base

Available for Autodesk Revit 2017, 2018 & 2019